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Selected recent work

Video: One minute on ‘The women who kill, abuse and torture’ (video; Mosaic 12/12/16)

Video: One minute on ‘The superhero in your vagina’ (video; Mosaic 11/12/16)

How we became the heaviest drinkers in a century (feature; Mosaic (27/10/15)

Video: What is a good death? (panel member; Battle of Ideas 17/10/15)

Video: Interview with Atul Gawande (video; Mosaic 13/01/15)

Breaking bad news (feature; Mosaic 13/01/15)

Death sentences: the language of bad news (feature; Mosaic 13/01/15)

Medical drama: role-playing doctor (feature; Mosaic 13/01/15)

Mosaic – Commissioning Editor (launched 04/03/14)

Talk to me! Top tips for conducting interviews with scientists (blogpost; Guardian 03/04/14)

Archived writing

Radiotherapy development – targeting tumours in developing countries (feature; Medtronic EUreka 13/03/13)

Stories from the day hospice (PDF 1.6MB, Wellcome Collection, published 22/02/13)

Age of innovation: targeting ageing cells with nanotechnology (feature; Medtronic EUreka 02/11/12)

Focus on stroke: making a campaign out of a crisis (Wellcome Trust blog post 10/05/12)

Getting personal (feature; Medtronic EUreka 02/03/12)

No limits: overcoming barriers to innovation (feature; Medtronic EUreka 30/01/12)

Innovation within: Christopher Bettinger and biodegradable polymers (feature; Medtronic EUreka 21/12/11)

In your bones: Professor Sara Rankin (feature; Wellcome Trust 05/10/11)

Bringing order to chaos: Professor Chris Fairburn (feature; Wellcome Trust 28/09/11)

Copy writing and editing for Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management website

Smooth operator: the making of i-Snake (feature; Wellcome Trust 08/07/11)

Dr Chris Connolly: how I got into… the biology of bee brains (feature; Wellcome Trust, 06/07/11)

The man who can taste sounds (Wellcome Trust blog post, 26/05/11)

Protecting the pollinators part 1 – bees and ecology (feature; Wellcome Trust, 24/03/11)

Protecting the pollinators part 2 – bees and disease (feature; Wellcome Trust, 24/03/11)

Thinking responsibly: the ethics of global health research (feature; Wellcome Trust 01/02/11)

Sleep apnoea linked to changes in brain structure (news story; Wellcome Trust, 12/11/10)

Pick of the postdocs – feature on three Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellows (Wellcome Trust, 28/09/10)

Vitamins do not reduce preeclampsia risk in women with diabetes (news story; Wellcome Trust, 20/06/10)

Great expectations – feature on the tenth anniversary of the human genome announcement, including an interview with Prof Sir John Sulston (Wellcome Trust, 24/06/10)

Doctor, doctor – profile of Dr Mark Dawson, an Intermediate Clinical Fellow (Wellcome Trust, 25/05/10)

Need to know: Transmissible cancers (Wellcome Trust, 18/03/10)

Sympathy for the devil – feature on Dr Elizabeth Murchison and her work on the Tasmanian devil (Wellcome Trust, 05/01/10)

Copy writing and editing for MenAfriCar website

Take my breath away – feature on Dr Mary Morrell’s research into obstructive sleep apnoea (Wellcome Trust, 23/12/09)

Searching questions – feature on the future of searching online (Microsoft Futures magazine, issue 4, June 2009) pdf of article (p42-43)

Close relations – feature on how sequencing revealed the secrets of the strangles bug (Wellcome Trust, 29/06/09)

Watch your language – feature on research into how the brain processes language in both hearing and deaf people (Wellcome Trust, 27/04/09)

Novel thinking – feature on a Wellcome Trust Arts Award to Julie Freeman (Wellcome Trust, 10/03/09)

EPPOSI Workshop on Chronic Conditions Report (EPPOSI, PDF, 3.8MB)

Seeing doubles – feature on twin research in the UK (Wellcome Trust, 18/12/08, PDF of Wellcome News 57 – 2.5MB)

Copy writing and editing for RSTMH website

Back to the bench – feature on women returning to science (Wellcome Trust, 30/10/08, pdf of Wellcome News 56 – 2.6MB)

Open wide: Research into bacterial channel brings hope for fighting superbugs (Wellcome Trust, 01/09/08)

Criminal bee-haviour (Wellcome Trust, 30/07/08)

Underactive brain regions linked to obsessive-compulsive disorder (Wellcome Trust, 18/07/08)

Test your metal: Platinum-containing molecules show promise as future treatments for Alzheimer’s disease (Wellcome Trust, 28/05/08)

Man or mouse? Protein networks highlight differences between organisms (Wellcome Trust, 27/05/08)

Flippin’ heck! Researchers bring new meaning to the term ‘computer bug’ (BioMedCentral, 20/05/08)

Genome-wide scan uncovers genes involved in osteoporosis risk (Wellcome Trust, 13/05/08)

Researchers to study impact of scaled-up HIV services in Zimbabwe (Wellcome Trust, 01/05/08)

Daily aspirin may reduce risk of common type of breast cancer (Biomed Central, 30/04/08)

Pill ingredient could prevent brain damage after head injury (BioMed Central, 30/04/08)

Using brain imaging to diagnose depression (Wellcome Trust, 10/04/08)

TB bacteria fatten up to survive (Wellcome Trust, 03/04/08)

Rectal artemisinins rapidly eliminate malaria parasites (BioMed Central, 28/03/08)

Brain cell discovery may shed light on nervous system disorders (Wellcome Trust, 26/03/08)

Getting to grips with grammar (Wellcome Trust, 19/03/08)

Mice reveal clues to the basis of human speech (Wellcome Trust, 14/03/08)

Intensive insulin therapy may be harmful to the critically ill (BioMed Central, 29/02/08)

Building brains: mammalian-like neurogenesis in fruit flies (BioMed Central, 17/02/08)

Early warning: PSA testing can predict advanced prostate cancer (BioMed Central, 15/02/08)

Mane event: recombination in lion feline immunodeficiency virus (BioMed Central, 05/02/08)

A taxing issue: How human T-lymphotropic virus type-1 causes leukaemia (BioMed Central, 31/01/08)

Predicting the future in ovarian cancer (BioMed Central, 15/11/07)

Bar flies: fruit flies help unravel the genetics of alcohol sensitivity (BioMed Central, 31/10/07)

Mouse mammary tumor virus can replicate in human cells (BioMed Central, 11/10/07)

Does the victim affect snake venom composition (BioMed Central, 27/09/07)

Heeding the WARNing from malaria’s past (BioMed Central, 06/09/07)

Coming out of yourself (stimulating out-of-body experiences in humans) (Wellcome Trust, 24/08/07)

Structurally sound (feature on the Structural Genomics Consortium) (Wellcome Trust, 31/08/07)

Wide load (The Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium) (Wellcome Trust, 02/08/07)

Speak your mind (Treating mental health in India) (Wellcome Trust, 05/07/07, PDF 2.4MB)

Selected articles from:

▪     Wellcome Science issue 5 (Feb 2007) whole pdf

▪     Wellcome Science issue 4 (Nov 2006) whole pdf

▪     Wellcome Focus on Ageing (Sept 2006)

  • King’s College Health Schools Review whole pdf

Healthy pregancy for a healthy life

Wellcome Science issue 3 (Sept 2006) whole pdf

Archived news and short articles

▪     Wellcome Science issue 6 (July 2007) whole pdf

Restoration project: shrinking tumours

Time flies: fruit flies and the secrets of sleep

HIV: gut immune response

Lexical-gustatory synaesthesia

▪     Null Hypothesis

B is for black hole (July 2007) 

A is for amino acid (March 2007)

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