My work

Recent writing and presenting

What would an earthquake-proof city look like? (feature; The Guardian 11/12/17)

The man who can taste sounds (feature; Mosaic 09/10/17)

Video: One minute on ‘The women who kill, abuse and torture’ (video; Mosaic 12/12/16)

Video: One minute on ‘The superhero in your vagina’ (video; Mosaic 11/12/16)

Podcast: Featured by leading US podcast Gastropod in ‘Peak Booze’ (podcast; Gastropod 03/11/16)

Video: Do we prefer fatty foods? (video; Wellcome 04/01/16)

How we became the heaviest drinkers in a century (feature; Mosaic (27/10/15)

Video: The Great British pub: A pint-sized history (video; Mosaic 27/10/15)

Trust me, I’m a doctor (feature; 01/07/15)

Video: Interview with Atul Gawande (video; Mosaic 13/01/15)

Breaking bad news (feature; Mosaic 13/01/15)

Death sentences: the language of bad news (feature; Mosaic 13/01/15)

Medical drama: role-playing doctor (feature; Mosaic 13/01/15)

Mosaic – Commissioning Editor (launched 04/03/14)

Talk to me! Top tips for conducting interviews with scientists (blogpost; Guardian 03/04/14)

Stories from the day hospice (PDF 1.6MB, Wellcome Collection, published 22/02/13) 


Recent coverage and speaking

A day in the life of Chrissie Giles (feature; The Open Notebook 09/01/18)

Featured in this piece by Ian Burrell (interview; The Drum 06/04/17)

Instructor at Kavli Science Editing Workshop, California October 2017

Speaker at 2017 World Conference of Science Journalists, San Fransisco

Speaker at 2017 narrative journalism conference Well Told, London

Speaker at 2017 Association of British Science Writers’ Summer School, London


Older work

Radiotherapy development – targeting tumours in developing countries (feature; Medtronic EUreka 13/03/13)

Age of innovation: targeting ageing cells with nanotechnology (feature; Medtronic EUreka 02/11/12)

Focus on stroke: making a campaign out of a crisis (Wellcome Trust blog post 10/05/12)

Getting personal (feature; Medtronic EUreka 02/03/12)

No limits: overcoming barriers to innovation (feature; Medtronic EUreka 30/01/12)

Innovation within: Christopher Bettinger and biodegradable polymers (feature; Medtronic EUreka 21/12/11

Copy writing and editing for Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management website

Copy writing and editing for MenAfriCar website

EPPOSI Workshop on Chronic Conditions Report

Copy writing and editing for RSTMH website

Search also under ‘Christina Giles’ on the Guardian website